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Zbraslav, 21 August 1997

Motto: Those, who unleashed the aggressive war by occupation of Czechoslovakia on 1 - 10 October 1938 and on 15 March 1939 and by aggression against Poland, and their allies are crimi­nals, who may and must be arrested, judged, adjudged and punished. They are: Hitler, Government of the Third Empire and their accomplices. Their criminal responsibility is out of any doubt. Memorandum of JUDr. Bohuslav Ečer to International Committee for Punishment of the War Crimes and Crimes against Hu­manity, London, 10 October 1942.[†]

Stop supporting non democratic political system in Czech Republic

Dear Member of Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

During this century, Europe experienced many traumatic periods, in­cluding initiation of the two World Wars, and dreads of Nazism and commu­nism. I believe, that this dreadful period of Europe soon finish, and it will be replaced by happy period of peace and democracy. Unfortunately, my own country goes from one horrible period to other, with replacement of Nazi by communism and now by "velvet" fascism of Václav Havel and his com­panions. I appeal to government of Armenia to stop supporting non-democratic political system in our country.

Legality of any democratic system is based on the free and democratic elections. By contraries, non-democratic elections in last year in the Czech Republic, where has been administratively excluded all parties rejecting open or hidden support of Václav Havel and his fascistic junta, can be quoted as a deter­rent of the non-democratic procedure. Basic civic right to be elected was limited by enormous bail, disabling all new parties to take part in elections. Is Senate elections, independent candidates was excluded by dirty manipulation with elector's petitions required to admit candidates. Public information was limited by violation of the freedom of expression and freedom of press, by running political trials, by fear of unemployment. For this reason, citizens believed to no candidates and chose election absence. For this reason, legality of present Parliament is similar, as was legality of communistic Parliament, or Parliament of Protectorate Böhmen und Mähren during Nazi occupation, which has been elected under similar conditions.

As a former Member of the Czech Parliament, I met many political victims of Václav Havel and his political system, of police persecution, political trials, peoples suffering by unemployment, when all job opportunities has been under control of ruling establishment. Year ago, I personally experience disgusting police persecution. All my legal protests against non-democratic elections, applied at various Czech courts, were rejected. On the other hand, Havel and his comrades may commit any crimes, including frauds, thefts, terrorism, and even murders, with no punishment; any such crime is in advance pardoned or later amnestied; beginning of Havel's reign is e.g. stigmatised by his crime against humanity. And this all occurs under the mighty support of European "democrats".

This is not our first ill experience with the West European "democrats". In 1938-39 was Czechoslovakia broken due to Munich Treaty imposed us by West European "democrats" Hitler, Mussolini, Daladier and Chamberlain, in tight co-operation with Bohemian quislings (like father and uncle of Václav Havel). Now, Czechoslovakia was again broken, and new establishment forces us to become part of new "Europäische Wirtschaftsgemainschaft" created in accordance to plans of Hitler's economic minister Funk, part of political structure based upon the non-controllable power of the oligarchic European Commission.

First totality system in our country was established by Nazi and was under protection of the German army. Communists created the second one, and after 20 years was so popular, that they rather called Soviet army for their protection. Now, "velvet" fascism's boots become as well leaky, so new sovereigns also look for some help, and they found armies of NATO. I am too young to have some experience with Nazi army. On 1968, I met Soviet army as student with slogan "Occupants, go home". Now I am afraid, that after 30 years, I shell meet NATO armies with the same slogan.

I principally reject neither system of economical co-operation, like that introduced by European Union, nor system of collective security. I can welcome, if such system is accepted on the base of open democratic discussion, not as dictate of power. I can understand advantages of collective security, if it secures people of country. But I can not support system, which protects despots like Havel and his comrades from the anger of people, which protects thieves and killers, which protects totality against democracy. I can not support system establishing new "Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia" under protection of Germany or its henchmen. Particularly after accepting so called "Czech - German declaration" treating Nazi crimes from the same perspective as anti-Nazi resistance. Particularly when present symbol of the Czech Republic is so similar to symbol of Protectorate.

At present, our political, social and economical system is again broken, our citizens are again deprived of basic civic and human rights. Instead of persecution of neo-Nazi forces from Germany, who disgraced monument of Nazi victims in Terezín, were persecuted its protectors; instead of respect to Nazi victims are built memorials of adjudged Nazi criminals like Konrad Henlein.

I appealed on the official institutions, like Council of Europe in Strasbourg, to enact its role of the protectors of democracy and human rights from the new despots, but reactions of their officials brought no progress. For this reason, I address this challenge directly to executive of the member states of organisations affecting situation. Only categorical actions can stop danger of new attempt for world rule, not some appeasement like before the World War II.

With respect

Jiří Šoler

Moral: Those, who took part in the non-democratic disintegration of the democratic system of Czechoslovakia, who non-democratically broke Czechoslovak Republic, its political, social and economical system, who systematically deprived its citizens of basic human and civic rights, and their allies, are crimi­nals, who may and must be arrested, judged, adjudged and punished. They are: Havel, Govern­ment and their accomplices. Their criminal responsibil­ity is out of any doubt.

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[*] The letter was sent to all member countries governments of the Council of Europe and/or OBSE.

[†]JUDr. EČER Bohuslav, Právo v boji s nacismem (Justice fight against Nazism). Zář, Brno 1946. Author was the Czechoslovak representative at the mentioned above commission, and also at the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg.