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Zbraslav, 12-th January 2001


Subject: Fascistic Coup in the Czech Republic


Due to fascistic coup proceeding in the Czech Republic by neo-fascistic group under leadership of despot Václav Havel, I appeal to Council of Europe to accept measures necessary to ensure basic security and life of the Czech democrats.


Supporting Havel’s fascistic system, Council of Europe has for more than 10 years, no matter to protests of the Czech democratic public, similar responsibility for this coup, as was responsibility of the League of Nations for NAZI occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1938.


In situation, when the Czech officials are not able to control even the situation in the state Czech Television, I ask you to take measures ensuring save operation and/or shutting down of such dangerous technologies as are Nuclear Plants in Dukovany and Temelín. Possible catastrophe of those plants should endanger lives and security not only of the Czech citizens, but also of many other citizens of Europe.


In the several last days, we have opportunity to study sessions of the Czech Parliament dominated by the spirit of intolerance and fascism, full of the despotic spirit of Václav Havel and his family patron Adolf Hitler, whom serves family of Havels' already in the second generation. Many democratic persons, including me, was subjected to disgusting man hunting, disgusting chicane, many democrats rejecting Havel’s fascistic concepts of so called “civic society”, in fact nothing but slight modification of Mussolini’s corporation concepts, are now endangered by similar attempts of Lynch. I apply you to stop similar activities as was pogroms against Jews in Germany in Thirties or chicane of Czech democrat Karel Čapek after Munich Treaty.


In the case of the victory of fascistic coup, I apply you to ensure necessary living conditions for political refugees from the Czech Republic. The former collaboration of the Council of Europe with Havel and his fascism obliged Council for it. From point of view of moral, I personally consider collaboration with Vaclav Havel in the same category, as was collaboration of the League of Nations with Adolf Hitler.


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